A guide for Flower Count newbies

For one week in early spring the citizens of Greater Victoria count all the blossoms they can see. The results are then reported to Flower Count Headquarters.  As the numbers come in, announcements are sent to local media to inform everyone of the growing count. So, we thought we’d help make it easier and give you a guide and a counting sheet.

Brief how to count guide

  • Small tree full of blossoms =  250,000 blossoms
  • Medium tree full of blossoms =  500,000 blossoms
  • Large tree full of blossoms = 750,000 blossoms
  • Small Heather bush = 500 blossoms
  • Medium Heather bush = 1,000 blossoms
  • Large Heather bush = 2,000 blossoms

How Many Blooms are Counted?

In 1976, over 130 million blooms were counted. By 1996, with a growing population and more community participation, that figure rose to over 4 billion blooms. In 2010 we broke new records with 21 billion flowers counted; and then again another record was reached in 2022 when we tallied just over 27 billion blooms. But we need your help to make this year a brand new record.

We have created a quick tally sheet for you!

Download a PDF of the Flower Count tally sheet and print out copies to count the bloms as you #ExploreVictoria

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